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Spokesperson Claims Trump 'Did Not Hear' Supporter Yelling 'White Power' Before Retweeting Video

On Sunday, June 28, President Donald Trump retweeted a video of a man in Florida yelling "White Power!"

Trump deleted the tweet, which thanked Florida seniors for their support, shortly after publishing it, but not before many people online had captured the video.

The video appeared to be taken at a Florida retirement community, The Villages, where protesters from both sides of the political divide were clashing with each other.

The Trump administration quickly tried to claim the President "did not hear" the man shouting "White power" before retweeting it.

Many Republicans were quick to denounce the President's tweet, which was far from his first time offering tacit support for white supremacy.

Many on Twitter pointed out that the President shouldn't be so excited about protesters facing off in the heart of The Villages.

Later, Trump's team claimed outright that the President was trying to defend people who yell "white power."

Online, people were amazed that the actions of President Trump could continue to shock them.

It's not hard to understand whose side the President is on.

Just when it seems the President can't get any lower in the eyes of many Americans, he does something like this and lowers the office of the Presidency still further.