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Video Of Preacher Casually Checking His Phone While Speaking In Tongues Has People LOLing Hard

Omega Center International

They say that God works in mysterious ways.

But one preacher just took the mystery to the next level in a bizarrely hilarious video.

Preacher Perry Stone was leading prayers and healing for his congregation during a church service at Omega Center International in Tennessee when he appeared to get distracted by his phone.

At first Stone picks up the phone and puts it down rather quickly before launching into an extended chorus of "yes Lord," eventually being so overcome that he starts speaking in tongues.

But that Holy Spirit flowing through him certainly doesn't stop him from continuing to check his phone.

At one point, his words turn into an extended, guttural groan as he stares at his phone for almost a full minute while someone cleans the table he's sitting at.

The organist chimes in, attempting to turn the groan into a song, which eventually turns into a half-hearted "hallelujah" from Stone.

Twitter user @nuns_on_film blessed us all by sharing the video.


There's just so much to unpack here.


Omega Center International


People couldn't believe what they just watched.

Perhaps there's a perfectly reasonable explanation?

Saving souls is hard work, y'all.



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