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Preacher Flips Out Over Drag Queen Attending Gospel Music Awards: 'Burn The Whole Thing To The Ground'

Hate-preacher Greg Locke went on an unhinged rant over news that drag queen Flamy Grant planned to attend the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards in Nashville.

Pastor Greg Locke; drag queen performer Flamy Grant
Friendly Athiest; @flamygrant/Instagram

A prominent Evangelical Protestant pastor looked as if he might pop a blood vessel delivering a toxic, anti-drag sermon after learning that drag performer Flamy Grant was attending the Gospel Music Association's Dove Awards.

The Dove Awards recognize outstanding achievements in the contemporary Christian music industry and have typically been held annually in Tennessee.

Greg Locke is the founder of the Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

At a recent sermon, the 47-year-old hate-preacher called the Gospel Music Association "cowardly" and "weak for allowing Grant to attend, even though the irreverent award-winning singer/songwriter from western North Carolina has not been nominated in any of the award's 40 categories.

Grant, who is attending with queer singer Semler, described their attendance as:

“A sort of banner-wielding, exploratory scouting expedition."

They continued, telling Baptist News:

“We’re not going to stir up trouble or demand a single thing."
"We’re simply going to be present, to express our queer joy, and to celebrate in our little corner of the room.”

The news prompted Locke to deliver a raging, hate-filled rant that was caught on video and shared on X (formerly Twitter).

The news prompted Locke to scream his grievances at congregants:

“When the Gospel Music Association gets to a place where it is so cowardly, weak, and anemic, that they would even let that demonic pervert stand in the parking lot of one of their events, it shows you how sick, sorry, wicked and vile… because now, they’re not just celebrating an abomination."

“Now they’re celebrating an abomination that is publicly practicing witchcraft," yelled Locke, pointing to Grant's webpage photo of them sitting at a table with a crystal ball and holding tarot cards as evidence of their wickedness.

You can watch a video, here.

Locke continued:

“As far as I’m concerned, God can evacuate the building and burn the whole thing to the ground because that is wicked, vile, ungodly, and this pastor is not selling out."

The clip concluded with him continuing to bellow:

"I’m not selling out to the sodomite witchcraft community!”

People who watched the video mocked Locke and had plenty to say–especially about his outfit.

Grant responded to the vile sermon by replaying the clip and sacracastically commenting at the end:

"Well, sodomite witchcraft community, I hate to report that it really looks like we're not gonna get Greg Locke to sell out."
"I did my best. But he's pretty resolute."
"We're gonna have to move to the next preacher on the list."


Fan behavior. This is Pastor Greg Locke, and this is actually one of his milder rants, believe it or not.

Grant posted a follow-up, further mocking Locke.


Y’all i just now saw the first part!!! You know Pastor Greg Lock and his lion shirt wanna do drag sooooo bad.

According to her website, Grant is self-described as "a shame-slaying, hip-swaying, singing-songwriting drag queen" whose 2022 debut record, Bible Belt Baby, reached #1 on the iTunes Christian Charts and was nominated for Best Pop Album at the San Diego Music Awards.

Grant is the winner of the 2023 Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Competition and a 2023 QueerX Award nominee for Best Drag Artist.

The 2023 Dove Awards takes place on October 17 at Allen Arena in Nashville.