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Police Issue Warning After Woman Somehow Decides It's OK To Eat Cereal While Driving


Police have warned motorists not to drive while eating cereal after a woman was spotted apparently having breakfast at the wheel.

The woman was captured on video by local TV host Alicia Lewis appearing to eat her cereal while driving on Interstate-394 in Minnesota.

Lewis, who stressed she was a passenger when she shot the clip, wrote on Twitter: “Just witnessed this on 394 this morning. How do you not have 5 minutes to eat cereal at home!? No hands on the wheel… seriously!"

To comedy fans, the incident was reminiscent of an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, in which Dennis Reynolds is involved in a minor accident while eating cereal at the wheel.

It was a link also spotted by police in Chicago, who took the opportunity to pass on an important safety message to motorists.

They wrote: “This is not @alwayssunny; You are not Dennis Reynolds; We'll say it again….Do not eat cereal while driving"

That in turn caught the attention of the show's star and co-creator, Rob McElhenney, who said he was “happy to be of service."

With the sort of comic timing McElhenney and co would be proud of, the Minnesota cereal incident happened during Distracted Driving Awareness Week.