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Pete Davidson Caught Shoving Fan Who Was Harrassing Him—And We Get It

Twitter user @ImClique shared a video in which Davidson shoved a fan who seemed to be harassing him and tried to put his arm around Davidson's shoulder after a recent Knicks Game at Madison Square Garden.

Screenshots of Pete Davidson and fan

On Sunday, Pete Davidson attended the New York Knicks playoff game against Cleveland Cavaliers at Madison Square Garden and was kind enough to pose for photos with fans afterwards.

One fan, though, got too close for comfort and the comedian wasn't having it.

A video posted to Twitter captured the fan repeatedly putting his arm around Davidson and posing with him as others were trying to snap pics.

Eventually, the SNLalum got tired of it and shoved him away, but, honestly, people don't blame him.

You can watch the interaction below.

People on social media also sided with Davidson on this one, claiming the man in the video was totally invading his personal space.

After the incident, Davidson returned to pose for photos for his more physically distant fans.

Hopefully the interaction didn't put too much of a damper on Davidson's evening, as the Staten Island native's Knicks won the game 102-93 and are currently leading the series 3-1 over the Cavs.