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Gay Twitter Has A Field Day After Headline Says Pete Buttigieg Wants 'Cruising' Back By This Summer

Alex Wong/Getty Images

During a White House press briefing on Friday, April 9, Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was asked about reopening cruise lines.

He commented:

"I care a lot about seeing the cruise sector thrive. I know that the CDC is hopeful that a lot of these operators will be in an opportunity to be sailing by mid-summer, and laying out these specific gates they need to get through, is a very important step toward that."

Buttigieg, an openly gay man, prompted countless jokes from Twitter comedians who saw headlines about the politician supporting "cruising."

Buttigieg was obviously referring to leisurely sailing vacations, not the other sort of cruising Twitter might be joking about.

Many quipped that Buttigieg didn't seem like the type of guy who would "cruise."

Many news outlets helped spread the joke, often inadvertantly.

It's going to be a very exciting summer according to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg!

No matter how you interpret Buttigieg's comments, we can all certainly look forward to a summer filled with cruising.