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People Reveal Which Name Has Been Forever Ruined And Who's To Blame

People Reveal Which Name Has Been Forever Ruined And Who's To Blame

Sometimes the people we dislike coincide with a specific name, sometimes, we've heard a name too often in our lives, sometimes, we just can't really put our finger on it, but something about it sets us off the wrong way...

u/raven_1313 asked Reddit:

What is a name that has been ruined for you, and why?

Here were some of the answers.

Must Be The Mackenzie Way


I've met so many Mackenzies and all but one of them have been huge jerks.


Either Goddess Or Monster

My name, which is Isis; it's pretty self-explanatory. It sucks because every time I hear my name called out, I either hear people whisper around me or I often get stared at. I don't want to go through the hassle of changing my name legally, so I guess I have to suck it up and live with it.



When I was in 1st grade there was this troubled kid named James that would fight all the other children, steal things (like their lunches), and even started a fire in the bathroom. In hindsight, he probably needed a lot of help - but back to the point of OPs question. My GF suggested the name James for our upcoming son. Yeah, I had to put a stop to that one.


Yea, Gonna Be A No

No Adolf yet?

I guess Adolf. Sounds so innocent and normal in a vacuum.


End The Trend

Nevaeh. Ruined by EVERY mother who names their kid this including "It's 'heaven ' spelled backwards" EVERY time they tell you their name. Like, yeah, I got that in 2007 when the trend started.


Like A Good Neighbor

Maybe it's been said, but f*ck State Farm. My name is Jake and now EVERYONE goes "oh, like where are your khaki pants?" or "from State farm?". The only way I stay sane is by ruining the joke pretending to have never seen the commercial.


You Have Been Awarded One Yike


My name, which I've had for 33 years, is Michael Scott. I was a supervisor for ~20 employees at a call center during the height of a certain TV shows popularity. I hate my name and all cringe comedy.


Calm Days


I work with the special ed population. I've met a lot of different types of kiddos, most of which are awesome. However, Daniel was a pain. He always got what he wanted. He was conniving and charming when it benefitted him. He would upset other students so they would hit him, and then he would report them for hitting him. He thrived in chaos. Trying to work with him, he was a nightmare. We all said a little prayer of thanks when he didn't show up for school, bc we knew we'd be having a calm day.



William because it was the name of my husband who cheated on me for 5 months after barely two years of marriage. It stung more when I found out he started the affair three months after I had a miscarriage.



Am a nurse in L&D. We still hand write out the names on the bassinets. I swear to God I write out a name with -ley, -lei, -leigh, -lee, -lynn, -lin, -linn, or -line AT LEAST once a week. The ones that pissed me off the most were Bristolynn and Finley. Like why? It's so hard not to cringe at some of the names people give their children.


It's The Double Letters

Connor. Two Connors in my high school were absolute jerks. Another was a crazy stalker. And another burned down his own house with his mom in it, so I've heard. Only met one nice Conor (without the double n). Connors are certified crazy.


Intel On Incel


It's not the name of a person, but it is a name.

So I love roast potatoes. I LOVE them. I have called them 'roasties' ever since I was a wee lad.

Then I discovered what incels call women.


Yet another thing to hate incels for.


Call Me By Your Name

My birth name. My mother was incredibly abusive and to this day (I'm in my 30s) I cringe whenever anyone uses my full first name and if anyone uses it in a harsh or angry tone I have an anxiety attack. Saving up to get it changed now after years of therapy and attempts to 'come to terms' with things.


A House Divided

Ashley -> Every single one I've met is a self absorbed cow.

Lydia-> crazy self absorbed family member who has single handedly broken up the family.


Let It Go


Elsa. two years before the movie came out I was browsing baby names and wanted an old-time classy girls name that wasn't used much anymore... Brave took Meredith off the table for me, but I though Beverly could be OK (my grandmother's name) But then a customer (sweetest old lady) came in with the name Elsa and I was SOLD.

Frozen came out while I was Pregnant. Luckily I had a boy, because I didn't find another girls name I liked as much.


Keep It Away

Idk if this counts but the word/ affectionate name 'Daddy' because cutesy kink people call their significant other that on a constant level, from what I've seen anyway.