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Beloved '90s Star Pauly Shore Is Looking for a Personal Assistant—& Color Us Intrigued

Beloved '90s Star Pauly Shore Is Looking for a Personal Assistant—& Color Us Intrigued
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Attention, fans of Encino Man, Son in Law, and Bio-Dome! Pauly Shore, ubiquitous 90's presence and comedic voice, is looking for a personal and writing assistant. He posted a listing to Indeed and also released a YouTube video giving any potential applicants all the details.

Shore's listing on Indeed is even more detailed:

Pauly Shore is looking for a part-time Writing & Personal Assistant. Must be a true lover of all things comedy; you should love to laugh and be spontaneous. 3-5 days a week, mostly half days, starting at $15/hour. It would be best, but not mandatory, if applicants have some prior commitment at night, whether it's stand up, production, or a second job.

Applicant must be able to type at least 90 words per minute. Any applicant below 90 wpm will not be considered. Helping to transcribe and organize Pauly's stand up comedy is the priority.

The job includes everything that has to do with comedy touring, writing, and all forms of production. Desk experience is preferred, as this position includes email and phone correspondence, travel booking, and thorough organizational skills. Experience in social media as well as video production and editing skills are a plus. Must have a reliable car and working laptop. Must also be able to make a commitment of at least 6 months, and be open to the possibility of traveling with Pauly on the road.

In order to be considered, please send a personal video no longer than two minutes explaining why you feel this is the right position for you. You must also send a screenshot of your WPM results from this website: No need for a resume, as the typing test and video are most important at this stage.

Please view this personal video from Pauly describing the position:
Salary: Rate: $15/hour
Job Type: Part-time
Salary: $15.00 /hour

Though Shore says this is only a part time job and applicants MUST have another job, it sounds like he'll be expecting a lot from his new assistant. Their responsibilities will include aiding in writing, video production and post-production, organizing comedy tours, answering emails and phone calls, social media, and traveling with Pauly across the nation. Wow.

Shore also made it very clear that being able to type 90 words per minute was an absolutely essential skill.

The pay rate is $15/hr for 3-5 half days a week, in case anyone's interested!

Applicants need only send an email to with your resume, a video of yourself describing why you'd be a great fit for the job, and a screenshot of your typing speed result.

Twitter users are jumping on it right away!

Well...most of them.

H/T - Indeed, Getty Images