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Pastor Sparks Outrage After Urging Parents To Spank Kids Since God 'Cushioned' Their Butts For That Reason

Pastor Sparks Outrage After Urging Parents To Spank Kids Since God 'Cushioned' Their Butts For That Reason
Verity Baptist Church/YouTube

A New Independent Fundamentalist pastor who is notorious for being anti-LGBTQ+ encouraged parents to make sure their kids are in pain when spanking them.

Pastor Roger Jimenez, 35, of the Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, discussed with Verity clergymen, Deacon Oliver Gonzalez, about not holding back when it comes to the disciplinary action.

"I think even a lot of Christians don't realize that the method that God has given us to discipline our children is a proper spanking," Jimenez said in the YouTube video picked up by Friendly Atheist.

He continued:

"But in our society today, sometimes people hear the word 'beat' and they get the wrong idea … when we're talking about spanking your children, we're not talking about abuse."

Jiminez explained:

"In our church, we often try to train parents on how to properly discipline their children."
"And, you know, we teach parents that you never want to hit your children with, like, a closed fist. You never want to hit them somewhere where it would be inappropriate, like their face."

The pastor claimed that God "put a section of the body" on children where it is appropriate for spanking.

"And of course, we're talking about the bottom," he said, candidly, before going into logistics.

"There's a lot of nerve endings there. And there's a little extra cushion. And that's a place where you can administer a spanking in a proper way. And you're not going to injure the children."
"Because the goal is to spank the children and have it hurt. But the goal is to never injure them.
"We, of course, want the spanking to hurt. If you're spanking your children, and it doesn't hurt, you're not accomplishing anything."

Many social media users strongly objected to the pastor's idea of spanking.

Some responded with sarcasm.

Those who were once on the receiving end shared their negative experiences.

Gonzalez concurred with pastor Jimenez and explained how spanking children the "proper way" would lead to a positive response.

"The world will demonize spanking. And, you know, what the world will say is that if you spank your kids, then your child is going to grow up to hate you."
"But, you know, what I've seen is that it's the complete opposite. It's that when you actually spank your kids in a proper way, the response is one of love … and when I spank them … the result is that they will learn to obey."

He added:

"And obviously, that's the goal … what we're doing is we're raising adults who will learn to obey their boss at work, learn to obey their pastor in a church, learn to obey their husband at home."

Jimenez concluded by saying that properly spanking children was "the loving thing to do."

"What you and I realize is that our kids are gonna learn that there are consequences to their action," he told the Deacon.

"Either way, they're either going to learn it from you and I, in our home, in a loving environment, or they're going to learn it when they grow up, you know, when they're getting beat down by the cops, or getting beat down by whoever."

Below is a YouTube clip of the pastor asking for donations to help a congregation that suffered from fraudulent bank activity.

Support Stedfast Baptist Church After Bank Account

In the wake of Orlando's gay nightclub massacre at Pulse in 2016, that claimed the lives of 49 people and injured 53, Jimenez told his congregation that Orlando, Florida, was "a little safer.

The pastor added that he did not feel sorry for the "50 pedophiles" who died in the shooting.

Jimenez went on to declare the real tragedy was in how many of the club patrons were merely injured, and he said he was upset the gunman didn't "finish the job."

The YouTube video of his sermon was eventually removed because it was deemed a hate speech.