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TikTok Pastor Has Mic Drop Response To New Texas Law Requiring 10 Commandments In Public Schools

TikTok Pastor @adamericksen1 accused Texas of hypocrisy for requiring the Ten Commandments to be hung in schools without following the commandments in practice.

Adam Ericksen on TikTok

Recently the Texas state Senate passed a bill that requires the Ten Commandments be displayed in every public school classroom.

This has caused substantial backlash, but one TikTok pastor’s critique is on point.

Reverend Adam Ericksen—or @adamericksen1 on TikTok—is a pastor at Clackamas United Church of Christ.

After the bill passed tthrough the Texas Senate, Reverend Ericksen took to TikTok to point out some issues.

You can see his video here:

First the pastor points to Commandment Four which commands the Sabbath be observed and kept holy.

This would mean no work can be done on the Sabbath, and seeing as though some observe Saturdays as the Sabbath and others Sundays, Texas would need to shut down business on both Saturday and Sunday.

Pastor Ericksen concluded:

“This is going to destroy capitalism in Texas.”

The TikTok pastor continues to poke holes, pointing next to Deuteronomy Chapter 15 which says that one must give “liberally and ungrudgingly” to anyone in need.

He continues to say that by posting the Commandments, all the rich people of Texas obviously must be ready to give so that no one is homeless or hungry.

He concluded stating:

“Oh, Texas isn’t going to do that? Because Texas is just bullsh*tting us.”
“Texas doesn’t care about the 10 Commandments. Texas cares about being religious bullies.”
“Grow up, Texas. God bless.”

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The internet is fangirling over this Christian leader’s clap back.







As one TikToker said, Amen.