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Parody Twitter Account Claiming To Be Trump's Niece Is Totally Crushing Their Trolling Game

Parody Twitter Account Claiming To Be Trump's Niece Is Totally Crushing Their Trolling Game
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Mary Trump, Donald Trump's real-life niece, is pretty well known for being one of the few Trumps willing to stand against Donald. On election night her tweets showed some serious dread for what his presidency might mean.

She has a new tell-all book that isn't even released—coming in July—and is already a best-seller.

In the lead-up to the book's release, a parody Twitter account called "Nary Trump" has popped up. The account is full of the sort of stuff we are all really hoping the tell-all book is full of.

It's ridiculous, it's completely inappropriate, and Twitter thinks it's hilarious.

The first post on the account came in October 2019, but it was "rebranded" to Nary Trump about a week ago.

The first Nary tweet set the tone for the account beautifully.

Recently, photos have been circulating that have people speculating (again) that Trump may have had an accident. In 2017 a picture made the rounds on the internet that got "President Poopypants" trending.

That, combined with Trump's notorious germaphobic nature, particularly about bathrooms (He refuses to share one. With anyone. Not even family.) make this next group of Tweets all the more delicious. We hate that we just used that word about Trump poo.

The Running Poo Saga

We're going to stop there but believe it or not, there are more tweets about Trump's incontinence issues. Also the alleged "pee tapes."

There's even a whole bit about Jared Kushner and pee pads. We know it seems like the account is mostly "toilet humor" (10/10 pun right there) but there really isn't anything off limits.

The Trump Family's KKK history and the President's White nationalist ties is absolutely fodder for the jokes, too.

The account takes aim at some of the public's favorite Trump mocking points, like his hand size and physical fitness.

We don't know the mastermind behind the account, but they took a moment to acknowledge that all of the fun is rooted in a real person with a real book and a real sense of obligation to tell the world what she knows.

Mary Trump's book, titled "Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created The World's Most Dangerous Man", is allegedly a fearless admonition of her dysfunctional and abusive family and the role they played in creating a dysfunctional and abusive man who then became the President of the United States of America. And why she is horrified by his position of power.

The tweets may be hilarious, but the situation is far from a laughing matter.

Again, we are not sure who the person behind the account is, but we're sure that Trump's team is going to try hard to find out. Some people think it might be a close personal contact or an enemy Trump has made in Washington, but it's just as likely to be a teenager in a small town in Alaska.

Whoever they are, they clearly hit on a goldmine of an idea. The account has racked up over 75k followers in the last few days.

Each tweet is met with the sort of laughter that shows the disdain for Trump to be something a lot of people have in common.

It really could be anyone. Is it you?