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Pamphlet Attempting To Compare Same-Sex Marriage To Seatbelts Is Getting Dragged Hard

Pamphlet Attempting To Compare Same-Sex Marriage To Seatbelts Is Getting Dragged Hard
Witthaya Prasongsin/GettyImages; @mattxiv/Twitter

A homophobic pamphlet comparing same-sex marriage to faulty seatbelts is making the internet give a collective eye roll.

The pamphlet featured a graphic showing the only possibility out of three options to properly fasten a seatbelt was like a marriage between a man and woman.

An image of the pamphlet with the strained analogy was shared on Twitter with the caption, "real marriage is when seatbelt."

"A 'No' vote is a yes to REAL marriage," read the title.


The left side of the page indicated "Only one of these is a REAL seat belt."

The accompanying image was of three options displaying how to buckle a seatbelt–with the top example displaying how the seatbelt ends come together.

The colors of the belts in this example were in the outdated gender conforming identifiers, pink and blue.

The belts in the succeeding examples were in the rainbow colors of LGBTQ+ Pride–with the matching ends of the seatbelts facing each other.

Each example corresponded to stick figures representing a straight couple and two LGBTQ+ couples.

The description downplayed the graphic's homophobic ignorance by claiming "Only one of these is REAL marriage. It's biology not bigotry."


They were wrong on two counts.

Civil marriage and biology have nothing to do with each other—it's a government recognized civil contract.

Second, it's 100% bigotry.

But instead of reacting negatively, Gay Twitter shared their thoughts on the seatbelt argument with hilarious graphic interpretations.


Although recent Gallup polling indicated 71% of the country fully backed the legality of same-sex marriage–a record high from 55% in 2014–29% of Americans still believe LGBTQ+ people should not be afforded the same civil, legal rights.

In the United States, same-sex marriage went on the chopping block after Justice Clarence Thomas suggested the US Supreme Court strongly reconsider past court rulings codifying rights to same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage–in addition to access to contraception–after the conservative, theocratic SCOTUS majority overturned Roe v Wade in June.

However the pamphlet is from a same-sex marriage referendum on the ballot in Australia in 2017.