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'Operation Noah's Ark' Saves Over 200 Animals In Rescue Of Biblical Proportions


Over 200 animals were rescued yesterday from the inhumane living conditions they were being subjected to.

"A search warrant was executed on approximately five acres of land in the Redlands," said Miami-Dade Police Department's Detective Lee Cowart. "Farm animals were being confined in inadequate conditions, lacking proper shelter, food and water."

According to The Miami Herald, court documents they obtained stated that many of the animals "were experiencing an excessive amount of pain and suffering from a lack of medical attention" and "were seen limping, with some unable to place pressure on their legs."

The animals were also severely malnourished, and are currently in the care of the SFSPCA awaiting veterinarian's medical assessment.

Many people expressed thanks for the people who work tirelessly to rescue animals from these atrocious situations.

And some of those tireless helpers were working to get the word out and get these animals the help they deserve.

SFSPCA shared a call to action on Facebook, seeking help with the unprecedented strain on their resources this rescue has brought about.




Please consider supporting the SFSPCA, or your local animal rescue organization. They can't do all the good they do without your help!