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One Direction's 'Act My Age' Is Being Used In A Bizarre New Meme That We Can't Stop Watching

No mortal person can rightfully predict what clip or image will feature the perfect mixture of pieces to become the next popular meme. Twitter's most recent obsession, featuring a One Direction deep-cut, is certainly strange, but undeniably hilarious.

The newest meme being shared around Twitter shows three people dancing in perfect sync to what sounds like a sea-shanty, but is actually the beginning of One Direction's "Act My Age" from 2014.

It's just as bizarre as you'd expect:

One Direction - Act My Age (Audio)

The clip first appeared in @hozierlesbian's thread of One Direction-related vines!

Flash forward a few months and the clip was repurposed by Twitter user @ccrstma in meme-able format!

From there, the new meme took off in a big way...

Whenever a trio is ready to party, this meme is an appropriate choice.

Twitter users the dancers to reference their own lives, pop culture, and history!

A quality meme is all it takes to remind you of what a jovial place the world can be.

When One Direction comes on the radio, there's no holding back the moves.

If there's any justice in the world, this meme will never die.

Hopefully One Direction sees this meme and realizes the world needs them to come together for a reunion, playing exclusively this song while these three dancers come out on stage and perform their hearts out.

Is that too much to hope for?