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Olivia Wilde Defends Joke About Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce After Backlash From Swifties

The actor and director clarified that she 'meant no harm' by resharing a 'climate scientist' joke on Instagram about Swift after fan outrage.

Olivia Wilde; Taylor Swift; Travis Kelce
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Neiman Marcus; Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images; Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Olivia Wilde posted a joke about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to her Instagram stories and received immediate backlash from Swifties.

Now, the actor is clarifying that she "meant no harm" by the post.

Wilde had reshared a joke in reference to all the attention the "Traylor" romance has been receiving.

The joke, originally posted by Katja Herbers, read:

“I wish Taylor Swift was in love with a climate scientist.”


Soon after, Swiftie outrage ensued.

A few people seemed to understand that Wilde meant climate change could use the platform.

Some fans warned Wilde to leave the couple alone, and joked about her failed romance with Harry Styles.

On Monday, Wilde responded to the backlash she received online, telling the Daily Mail:

“I meant no harm."
"It’s obviously a comment on how much attention gets paid to stupid things.”

Even after Wilde's clarification, though, people were still split.

Some Swifties were unwilling to forgive the comments made about the singer.

But others agreed it was a harmless joke that was in no way intended to bash the couple.

While we understood the intent of the joke, we also understand that no one is safe from the wrath of Swifties.