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Ohio Restaurant May Shutter Before It Can Even Open After Employee's C-Word Facebook Comment

When will people learn what they post on social media can have actual consequences? One restaurant in Ohio is learning that lesson in a big, BIG way. The owner posted a comment that made people so angry that the restaurant never even got to open. You read that correctly, the restaurant never even got to open for business.

Ciao was set to be a new bistro in Cleveland, Ohio. The restaurant took out social media ads and began a marketing campaign leading up to the grand opening. People commented on some of those ads - so far this is all business as usual. Then people started commenting about how over-used the name is for a restaurant and how it was kind of ironic considering it's a common way to say bye. That's when the restaurant owner (or "someone else" with access to his Facebook account) posted a response insulting two women who were commenting.

He called them "Liberal white c*nts."

Daily Mail/Facebook

"Woah" indeed. Shawn Taylor is the owner of Ciao, but he claimed he didn't write the comment. People were so angered by the comment that they started messaging the restaurant's social media account letting them know they would never eat there. Comments were made to local newspapers; the restaurant got tons of bad press. Shawn responded by explaining that yes, the comment came from his account, but it wasn't supposed to be a comment, it was supposed to be a text.

Um... wait, what?


He further explained the story to Fox 8 News. He says he gave a friend (who lives in another state) access to his Facebook for business purposes. That friend was logged into his account and looking at comments on a Facebook ad. The friend meant to text "liberal white c*nts" to someone, and instead they somehow put those words there in the Facebook comments. It just looked like he was responding to the negative comments, but he wasn't. The friend told him about it right away and Shawn said he would handle it. Then, he says, he fired the friend so they no longer have access to his Facebook accounts.

He also posted an apology as well as sent out personal messages:

I cannot begin to express how embarrassed and apologetic I am for the terrible post… I cannot answer regarding their intentions, but I can reassure you that language or use of terminology is not one that I support nor believe in. I am terribly sorry for all that were offended by what was said under my name, but I can assure you that was not me…


People weren't buying it. Whether or not it's true, you have to admit The Shaggy Defense never looks credible.

The negative press for the restaurant continued. The owner deleted his personal account and the business account, claiming that he and his family have received threats. At one point, he claimed that he would open the restaurant anyway so that the community could give him a chance. Locals say the restaurant signs are now gone and the furniture has been removed, so it doesn't look like that opening is going to happen.

Twitter seems zero percent surprised.

So what do you think? Was it Shawn? Was it someone else? Does it matter? Sound off!

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