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Nutter Butter Twitter Account's Recent Sexually Suggestive Tweets Have Everyone Feeling Weird

Nutter Butter Twitter Account's Recent Sexually Suggestive Tweets Have Everyone Feeling Weird
@NutterButter/Twitter; @WFKARS/Twitter

Nutter Butter just tweeted something that has the LGBTQ+ community raising their eyebrows for the suggestive way the cookie company used the word "nut" as a pun.

Riffing off of the lyrics to Nat King Cole's uptempo classic, L-O-V-E, Nutter Butter's Twitter account wrote:

"N is for the way you nut at me."

Yes, Nutter Butter just commented on the way a person gets nutted on–which, for the uninitiated refers to ejaculation in gay parlance.

Whether or not the tweet was intentionally NSFW or not, it conspicuously coincided with Pride–just before the month-long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community draws to a close.

Gay Twitter wasn't sure what to make of the cryptic tweet but proceeded to respond with caution.

People who weren't ready for visuals got them anyway.

When their tweet condoning nutting at people caused quite a stir, the peanut butter cookie's social media team feigned ignorance, tweeting:

"Wait what are you guys freaking out about I was just singing."

We are so onto them.

People joined Nutter Butter in riffing on the classic Nat King Cole tune.

Nutter Butter may have lost a customer if in the fact the cookie, was indeed, being lewd.

But others who were unsure of what to feel eventually went along with it.

But is it in the cookie's nature to be controversially provocative?

Let's take a look at Nutter Butter's recent tweeting history to get a sense of what they're capable of, starting with their tendency to play on popular memes.

Here is their attempt at the meme inspired by the way Justin Timberlake sang the word "me" in NSYNC's hit song from 2000, "It's Gonna Be Me."

Even cookies enjoy going out to a nightclub. Or in their case, a "nut" club, naturally.

Then, things got racy.

Gays typically have the urge to bust a nut by searching for a mate on apps like Grindr, but these delicious denizens of Nabisco prefer hooking up on "Nuttr."

To honor this year's graduates, the cookie account tweeted a photo of a Nutter Butter adorned in cap and gown indicating they graduated "suma nut laude."

It wasn't lost on us they replaced the Latin word "cum" with "nut."

We are so onto them.

Did they just encourage us to love ourselves?

Things got so titillating, that they were at a loss for words after the Twitter account for Hot Pockets tweeted, "you think your life is hard? try being stuffed with meat 24/7."

While some people prefer that fulfilling lifestyle, Nutter Butter likes to keep things discreet.

In a follow-up tweet, Nutter Butter explained for their "nutty actions" from the day before while admitting they "would not go so far as to say it was out of character."

They explained the inspiration for the tweet was in reference to the cookie's "fond memories of Nat King Cole's 1964 banger L-O-V-E."

"If there's one thing on my mind, it's LOVE," wrote Nutter Butter, adding the tweet was "all out of love and I hope my gen Z audience can forgive me."

They may claim there was nutting to see here with the suggestive tweet.

But we see you Nutter Butter.

You may think you have us fooled with your innocence, but nut today!