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GOP Congressman Who Sued Parody Cow Account Gets Brutally Dragged For 'Free Speech' Tweet

GOP Congressman Who Sued Parody Cow Account Gets Brutally Dragged For 'Free Speech' Tweet
PhoJacquelyn Martin - Pool/Getty Images

Devin Nunes lost a court case to an imaginary cow. His lawsuit asked for $250 million in damages over a parody twitter account pretending to be his cow. He didn't like what the imaginary cow was saying.

The court declined to hold Twitter responsible or force the closure of the account. It was suggested that Nunes "mooooove" on. He did not.

Instead, Nunes got on Twitter to announce how bad Twitter was and to encourage people who wanted real free speech to move over to Parler, a platform popular with right-wing personas because it doesn't fact check.

He pushed Parler really hard, fam. His Twitter doesn't mention protests, the current financial crisis, the pandemic, etc. Just Parler.

There's more, but we feel like you get the point. For the last month, Devin Nunes has been using his Twitter as, essentially, an ad for Parler - in part because he was mad that an imaginary cow wasn't going to pay him $250 million.

As an aside, we do not know if Nunes has been using Parler to discuss any of the issues you'd think a Congressman might need to discuss right now. We are not on Parler.

But guess who was one of the first to join.

Two days ago, Nunes pinned a Tweet claiming he had made the "move to freedom" by switching to Parler. The tweet featured a stock image of a Black couple (because of course it did) on moving day, with the Parler logo digitally added onto the boxes. The logo on the angled box near center-left is so poorly added that it reads more "entirely different logo" than "logo at an angle."

People were quick to call out the ad itself.

Also, isn't protecting free speech why Nunes lost to the imaginary cow in the first place? Because he tried to sue over something that was free speech?

Twitter didn't hesitate to remind Nunes of exactly that ... and to troll him over this all.

Oh, and as an ironic point about how "free" speech is over at Parler:

So let's recap. Nunes sued a pretend cow because he didn't like its Tweets. Nunes lost to the pretend cow and ditched tweeting about any Congressionally relevant topics in favor of advertising for right-wing social media platform, Parler.

The pretend cow joined Parler.

Nunes spent a month talking about how unfiltered and free Parler is. Twitter roasted him over the ridiculousness of his month-long tantrum.

The pretend cow got banned from the "unfiltered freedom" that is Parler.

Welcome to 2020.