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People Are Reflecting On The Vast History And Significance Of The Notre-Dame Cathedral In The Wake Of Its Devastating Fire

Following the fire which destroyed a large portion of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday, April 15, many online are looking back at the structures storied history and singular significance both in Paris and around the world.

Everything in Paris is very literally measured from Notre Dame.

Everything surrounding the ancient cathedral is steeped in historical significance.

The great irony of the fire is that it was likely caused by an accident during renovations.

The building is known not only as an important landmark for catholics, but also as a masterpiece of the era's gothic architecture.

Countless important historical events are connected to Notre Dame's iconic towers.

To some people, the loss caused by this fire will be felt for many years to come.

Thankfully, the inner appearance of Notre Dame has been captured by artists and scientists in several different forms over the years, which will surely aid in the rebuilding effort.

Notre Dame has been rebuilt before, and it will be rebuilt again.

The cathedral will emerge on the other side of this tragedy, stronger than ever before.