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Little Girl Admits She's Been Naughty, But Still Asks For A 'Not Dead' Panda In Hilarious Letter To Santa

Little Girl Admits She's Been Naughty, But Still Asks For A 'Not Dead' Panda In Hilarious Letter To Santa

You know that "Santa Baby" song, where the singer says she's been "an awful good girl" and then proceeds to an exceptionally long, and expensive, list of gift ideas?

Well, a 9-year-old girl from Essex, England, decided to switch tactics. She provided a long, expensive, and hilarious list, right after she admitted to being "quite the opposite" of good.

The anonymous little girl called herself out from the beginning, stating:

"I've tried hard to be good but miserably failed."

In 2020, we've probably all felt that at some point.

Despite her failed efforts, however, the girl still piled the list high, including expensive items like Air Pods, a Playstation 5, and a Nintendo Switch. A girl has to have her options, after all.

But one of the internet's favorite parts, of course, was her unique request for a panda and a penguin:

"#12. A panda and a penguin (not dead)"

Not to mention her very specific instructions and detailed address:

"Here's a list. Tick the boxes if you have done them."
"Hopefully you succeed to fulfill all of my requested items!"

You can see the full, delightful letter here:

This letter had the Twittersphere rolling, of course.

Some could not believe the cumulative cost of the wish list.

Others were doubling-over from her surprising clarifications.

A few optimists argued, though, at least her writing skills were on-point?

And this isn't the first time Twitter has been in stitches over a girl's letter to Santa.

In November 2019, a 10-year-old girl sent Santa a similarly long and expensive list, which left her father feeling, both, overwhelmed and quite impressed.

Though, in this letter, Twitter users enjoyed the girl's request for clothing for the (not dead) bunny she already had, and don't even get us started again on the "purfum" and "asenchal oil."

There's something about this particular age group that leaves little girls wanting to buy out half of the Apple store, apparently!

Whatever the reason for wanting these particular items, we hope these letters will keep coming and bringing the laughs.

Santa definitely has his work cut out for him with this particular wish list, assuming he decides to bring something other than coal.