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Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Just Laid A Mocking Smackdown On Trump After His 'Nasty' Letter

On the eve of a historic house vote that could make Donald Trump the third President in history to be impeached, he wrote a 6-page letter to Nancy Pelosi.

In the long, rambling text (which is filled to the brim with lies and debunked conspiracy theories), Trump attempts to shame Pelosi for many of the same things he's been accused of.

On Twitter, Speaker Pelosi's daughter, Christine Pelosi, laid a Catholic smack-down on the President.

Twitter got a good laugh out of Pelosi's joke!

After reading Trump's thoughts on the page, many others also felt compelled to pray for his soul.

To others, the letter inspired action.

Twitter wondered what Nancy Pelosi should say in her reply.

The letter reverberated through all corners of the internet, where people couldn't ignore how unhinged the President seemed.

It's amazing the President was able to maintain his wild tone for six whole pages.

Now seems like a better time than ever for an impeachment vote, Speaker Pelosi!

Let's do it.

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