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Musk Slammed After Banning SpaceX Workers From Wearing Safety Clothes For Inane Reason

Musk has come under fire after It was revealed that he discourages his SpaceX employees from wearing yellow safety clothes because he 'doesn't like bright colors.'

Elon Musk
Leon Neal/Getty Images

SpaceX owner Elon Musk was under fire for allegedly ignoring the safety of his employees working for his rocket company.

A Reuters investigation reported on the unsafe conditions at the dangerous SpaceX facility in McGregor, Texas, where 600 workers have been injured since 2014.

According to the article, four SpaceX employees claimed that Musk discouraged workers from wearing yellow-colored clothing meant for safety reasons because he didn't like bright colors.

Three former SpaceX supervisors said Musk allegedly had the facility's mechanical equipment, which had been painted in industrial safety yellow, repainted with black or blue to better suit his preferences.

They also claimed that some workers were instructed not to wear yellow safety vests whenever Musk was on site.

Four employees claimed Musk would even play with novelty flamethrowers during his visits.

Social media users commented on the alarming report of his casual disregard for safety.

A dozen current and former employees, including a senior executive, said that on-the-job injuries were reflective of the "chaotic workplace where often under-trained and overtired staff routinely skipped basic safety procedures as they raced to meet Musk’s aggressive deadlines for space missions."

The outlet said of the SpaceX worker injuries:

"Many were serious or disabling."
"The records included reports of more than 100 workers suffering cuts or lacerations, 29 with broken bones or dislocations, 17 whose hands or fingers were 'crushed,' and nine with head injuries, including one skull fracture, four concussions and one traumatic brain injury."

The article also stated that cases included:

"Five burns, five electrocutions, eight accidents that led to amputations, 12 injuries involving multiple unspecified body parts, and seven workers with eye injuries."

Tom Moline, a former SpaceX senior avionics engineer who was fired after raising safety concerns, said:

“Elon’s concept that SpaceX is on this mission to go to Mars as fast as possible and save humanity permeates every part of the company."
“The company justifies casting aside anything that could stand in the way of accomplishing that goal, including worker safety.”

The Reuters report came after several SpaceX employees slammed Musk in an open letter, citing his behavior as a "source of distraction and embarrassment."