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Move Over, Missionary—A New Study Shows There's A New Favorite Sex Position Among Millennials

David Jakle via Getty Images

Your favorite sexual position is as personal and subjective as your favorite movie.

Everyone has a different choice, but certain ones rise to the top when you survey enough people.

In the past, that's been the old classic, the missionary position.

However, that seems to have changed.

In the 2018 edition of the Millennial Sex Survey by SKYN Condoms, missionary has been dethroned among young adults.

What could have beaten the default sex position?

None other than doggy style.

In years past, missionary maintained a healthy lead with more than a third of survey participants calling it their favorite. However, its lead dropped dramatically to under a quarter of those surveyed this year.

It's still very popular.

Doggy style had been the second pick in the survey, until its rise to fame this year with 31% declaring it their preferred position. It wasn't just one group either.

Most demographics called it their favorite, though the lead got smaller the younger you go.

The position was particularly popular for its deeper penetration and increased female orgasm.

The eternal third place, Cowgirl, kept its position this year, with 18 percent of the vote.

It was second for those who declared they were having sex at least once a week.

And sometimes, the favorite is none of the top three.

The survey had some other interesting insights.

It found 50% of redheads were reporting multiple orgasms in a single session, use of dating apps is down to 21% of millennials and a whopping 61% of woman say they judge other women poorly for having had multiple sex partners.

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