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Picture Of A Motorcycle's Parking Job Sparks A Conversation About The Most 'Considerate' Way For One To Be Parked

There's an eternal struggle between cars and motorcycles learning how to share the road and, more importantly, parking lots in a way that works well for all parties involved.

Twitter user and car-driver @GeorgeResch posted a photo of what he considers to be great motorcycle parking behavior, prompting a sprawling discussion of cycle-parking's best practices.

@GeorgeResch thought cycles parking in the back of spaces was ideal, because you can see the spot is occupied before you start to pull in.

Others agreed with his line of thinking!

Some motorcyclists took note of the preference and shared their perspective as well:

When a cyclist parks this way, it's actually not ideal for other motorcyclists.

As long as they're not parked on the sidewalk, some people were chill with whatever.

Other cyclists brought up some little-known problems, like kick-stands sinking into the asphalt.

There were lots of other great options that hadn't even been considered!

Of course, the real question was...what kind of motorcycle is that?

Thanks for being respectful and working this out amongst yourselves, drivers! If we work together, we can solve any problem...especially those concerning parking etiquette.

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