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Mom Makes Sling For Family Cat With Arthritis, And The Internet Is Totally Smitten


A family has gone viral for inventing a cuddly method for soothing their cat with arthritis, posting a video of him being carried around in a sling.

Writer and life coach Felicity Morse said her blue point Siamese cat Ricky enjoys being held throughout the day, and the internet adored the kind gesture.

Posting the video on Twitter, Felicity said: “Our 17 year old cat has arthritis but still wants cuddles and strokes so my mum has made him a sling slash papoose for when she is doing the housework."

“He's in a lot of pain and the only thing that helps is stroking, so he follows my mum around the house meowing till she strokes him so she thought this would help," she added.

“He's currently in hospital on a drip because he's not very well. But hopefully he'll be better soon. He's very laid back and enjoys company so you can carry him around anywhere."

The video of Ricky enjoying some cuddles in his sling has close to 300,000 views on Twitter, with people quick to comment about how they have also cared for pets in need.

Felicity said: “It's really nice hearing about how much people love their animals. I think the power of touch and warmth with another living creature moves us all.

“Lots of gentle attention and love appears to soothe him greatly, so if that relaxes your cat, good, but cat usually knows best."