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Major League Pitcher Gets An Unbelievable Out After Ball Bounces Off His Foot To First Baseman

@Royals / Twitter

It's a little unorthodox, but it seemed to work.

The Kansas City Royals' pitcher, Josh Staumont drove people a little "wild" when he accidentally kicked a ball to his teammate, successfully tagging out the hitter.

The unique situation was caught on camera, though you may need to squint at Staumont's feet to catch it.

The play saw the ball bounce of Staumont's foot, knocking the ball perfectly to first baseman Carlos Santana, who tagged out the hitter.

In their tweet, the Royals suggested they were emulating another Kansas City team. The account tagged the KC women's soccer team and said they were trying to pass the ball like they do.

The KC NWSL responded.

Others commented on the "wild" play.

This wasn't the only time this month the KC Royals have kicked a ball. In a more controversial instance, Salvador Perez was ruled to have accidentally kicked a ball as he was running past first, allowing Nicky Lopez to score.

However, people were split on the ruling of this being "accidental." The video makes it seem like Perez slowed down, anticipating stopping at first, but after he realizes the first baseman missed the ball, and he just kicked it, he turns and keeps going to second.

The play had some thinking Perez cheated.

The Royals' 2021 season has been a strange mishmash of the good, the bad, and the weird. They've had a few good wins, a few not so good losses, and at least two instances of kicking a ball.

Which isn't that many, but is weird how it happened twice.