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Mitt Romney Gets Loudly Booed By Utah Republicans While Trying To Make A Speech In Wild Video

Mitt Romney Gets Loudly Booed By Utah Republicans While Trying To Make A Speech In Wild Video
Susan Walsh-Pool/Getty Images

On Saturday, May 1, Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah took the stage at the state's GOP convention to give a speech.

As Romney began to speak, however, he was met with loud boos and jeers because of his votes to impeach former President Donald Trump.

The crowd of delegates, who yelled Romney was a "communist," would later vote on censuring the former Republican Presidential nominee. The motion failed 711-798, narrowly avoiding a massive embarrassment for both Romney and the Republican party.

But although he was not censured, the reaction of many Republicans to Romney's speech only underlines many conservative's unwavering adulation for Trump.

For many of the people at this convention, it seemed the only true sign of being a Republican was whole-hearted support of Trump, no matter what.

The resolution to censure Romney was sponsored by Davis County delegate Don Guymon, who said Romney's vote to impeach Trump "hurt the Constitution and hurt the party."

"This was a process driven by Democrats who hated Trump."

After some initial booing, Romney told the crowd:

"I don't hide the fact that I wasn't a fan of our last President's character issues."

This immediately prompted more boos.

After the jeering died down a bit, Romney continued:

"Aren't you embarrassed?"

Online, many Republicans failed to recognize the ominousness of their own hero worship.

Many liberals on Twitter pointed to this incident as yet another reason to disregard Republican calls for "unity" and "bipartisanship" now that Democrats hold majority in both houses of Congress.

During his speech, Romney concluded:

"I understand I have a few folks who don't like me terribly much and I―I'm sorry about that."
"But I express my mind as I believe is right and I follow my conscience as I believe is right."