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Minnesota State Fair-Goer Has Reporter Doubling Over With Blunt 'What Makes You Happy?' Answer

Minnesota State Fair-Goer Has Reporter Doubling Over With Blunt 'What Makes You Happy?' Answer

A reporter asking Minnesota State Fair visitors a timeless question got the answer of a lifetime.

As we approach the Labor Day weekend to wrap up the summer, KARE-11's Jana Shortal reached out to fair-goers from all walks of life and asked them what made them happy.

But Shortal was not expecting a blunt response from an elderly woman when she asked her:

"What makes you happy? What brings you joy?"

The bespectacled golden girl placed her hand firmly on Shortal's shoulder, looked her square in the eye, and said matter-of-factly:


Her response sent our intrepid reporter buckling at the knees and doubling over on the ground, laughing.

You can watch the video, here.

Shortal shared the interaction on Twitter and captioned the clip with:

"In 20 years of asking questions at the Minnesota State Fair - today I FINALLY got an answer that knocked me off my feet."

We feel the same, Jana.

And many others of her generation found gran's response relatable.

Based on the senior citizen's appearance, many would assume she would answer the question with something like, "spending the day at the fair with my grandchildren" or "playing bridge with my friends every Sunday after church."

But nope. Not this lady.

She told it like it is, and good for her to honestly tell America what truly makes her happy in life.

This user thought grandma could use a little ribbing.

It was all in her delivery.

If there was any stigma relating to openly talking about sex, she just smashed it and showed us there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Besides, who are we to assume those in retirement don't enjoy an active sex life?

"The Great Minnesota Get-Together" fairgrounds are located adjacent to the Saint Paul campus of the University of Minnesota in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

It is considered one of the largest state fairs in the US by average daily attendance.

Those wishing to run into lively characters at the fair like the one we just witnessed have until Monday, September 5 to visit.