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Mike Pence Mercilessly Ripped After Boasting That The U.S. Is 'Respected In The World Again'

Mike Pence Mercilessly Ripped After Boasting That The U.S. Is 'Respected In The World Again'
Alex Wong/Getty Images

During a Labor Day campaign event, Vice President Mike Pence said the United States is respected by the rest of the world, again, under President Donald Trump.

The claim was in support of the MAGA President's run for re-election.

People, however, were quick to fact check his claim.

Pence stated during his speech:

"I can tell you that after traveling to more than 30 countries as your Vice President, America is respected in the world again."

Not the only untruth of the day, Pence also took time to accuse Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden of:

"policies that have literally led to violence in our major American cities."

This was despite data and fact checkers showing violence was at the lowest level in decades prior to increases after the 2016 election.

Contrary to the image Pence painted regarding America's current respectability, critics observed that the failed response to the 2020 pandemic by the Trump administration led to Americans not even being allowed in the majority of the world because of infection risk.

The Twitter take down continued as users voiced how they really feel about the current administration.

Twitter users continued to scorch the statements without holding back.

It's a good thing the Trump-Pence campaign have access to affordable healthcare.

They're going to need some burn treatments after this.

We hope everyone is staying safe and informed. Remember, utilizing fact checking resources is a great way to stop the spread of misinformation.

We hope Pence finds these resources soon.