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The Middle Child Is Becoming Extinct—Here's Why

The Middle Child Is Becoming Extinct—Here's Why
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August 12 is national Middle Child Day, but what is normally a gigantic holiday celebrated by all people around the world will, this year, be a more melancholy affair.

It turns out, according to an article by Adam Sternbergh in The Cut, middle children are going extinct.

Losing middle children will be a huge blow—they offer so much to our culture!

Also, it's pretty obvious Sternbergh himself is a middle child...

But why are middle children disappearing?

And nothing says "middle child" like threatening to go extinct...

But there's no denying the impact some of them have had on our culture!

What better way to get attention than to change the world?

But, in what ways do older children and younger children contribute?

Let's bring back the middle child!

Enjoy Middle Child Day this August 12... who knows when it will be the last one.

H/t - Twitter, The Cut