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Michigan Community Stunned After White Mom Repeatedly Uses N-Word At School Board Meeting

Michigan Community Stunned After White Mom Repeatedly Uses N-Word At School Board Meeting
FOX 2 Detroit/YouTube

After a student in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, was suspended for using the "n" word openly among classmates, the school board meeting was unfortunately paid a visit by his vengeful mother, who began using the word with abandon.

The woman went up to the podium to speak her piece, and within seconds, had already let the "n" word slip twice.

Grosse Pointe parent's racial rant using n-word upsets community at school

According to the parent, her child was suspended for using the word in a social media post and on video, resulting in both his suspension and doxxing by fellow students.

"My address was put out there, we were threatened and why because he said n*****," she said with zero reservations.

"This happens to be in every song, the FCC, the John Conners, the who’s who that’s in charge of *bleep* basically are allowing this and our kids ..."

She was interrupted shortly thereafter and asked to watch her language.

Some parents don't believe enough was done to combat the woman's blatant disrespect at the meeting.

Parent Abigail Ward, who is married to a Black man and is the mother of mixed Black and White children, said she couldn't believe the school did not take further steps to penalize the mother.

"I’m just concerned as a parent, that the more and more lines continue to be crossed, at what point will the board then speak up?"

The woman went on to tokenize her son's "dark chocolate auntie," saying she was to blame for his exposure to the "n" word in the song "Straight Outta Compton" by NWA, another excuse audience members did not abide.

"Being introduced by his 'chocolate brown' auntie doesn’t make it right," said Shantrell Griffin-McMillan, a Black mother in the district.

"And for her to do it at a board meeting, to be so offensive, to disregard any of the 'brown aunties' out here in the district, and parents, and students, who hear this and exposed to the meetings, how do you think that made us feel?"

In the aftermath, the school board President of Grosse Point released a statement saying that anybody using similar language in future school board meetings will be removed from the meeting.