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Someone Turned Melania's White House Christmas Video Into A Horror Film, And It Works Almost Too Well

If there's one thing Americans can count on every year, it's seeing First Lady Melania Trump's strange new Christmas decorations in the White House.

2019 is no exception! Though past years have featured decorations many described as "spooky," this year seemed to feature some even more interesting choices.

Twitter user Richard Littler read our minds and gave us what we all needed: an version of Melania's video edited as if it were a horror film!

Twitter was overjoyed but not especially surprised.

Many people were getting Shining vibes from Melania's decoration choices.

Others were reminded of a snow-covered Narnia.

It's incredible how effective a simple change of music can be!

At least Melania gives us one thing we can all enjoy together this holiday season.

Happy Holidays, everyone! May your nightmares be devoid of any startling images from the White House decorations!