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Melania's Revamped Rose Garden Is Already Dying And Needs Repairs After Less Than Three Weeks

Melania's Revamped Rose Garden Is Already Dying And Needs Repairs After Less Than Three Weeks
Luca Bruno - WPA Pool/Getty Images

In July, First Lady Melania Trump decided to tear up the White House rose garden in order to leave her mark on the White House in a more permanent fashion.

The historic garden was planted by First Lady's before her, with some rose bushes being over 100 years old. It was famously redesigned by Jackie Kennedy, who left the rose bushes planted by her predecessors during her renovations.

Trump removed colorful roses and flowers to change the garden to just white and pale pink and added a custom platform and lighting apparatus—essentially turning the once historic area into a stage for her husband which drew the public's ire.

Now, the redesigned garden is dying.

The most upsetting change for many was the First Lady's ripping up of ten healthy crab apple trees planted by Jackie Kennedy as a nod to history and her husband's New England roots.

The trees framed the area, providing shade and protection by blocking line of sight.

Just three weeks ago on August 22, Melania threw a party for her revamped garden. It has turned out to be a premature celebration.

The once beautiful garden is dying and water logged because of her rushed renovations.

A source familiar with the White House garden woes told CNN that the new rose garden was already having "issues with water drainage" and "some minor complications with updated construction."

The "drain the swamp" President and his wife have now accomplished turning the White House rose garden into just that, a swamp.

The schadenfreude was real on Twitter.

During the Republican National Convention the south lawn and garden were so damaged by the lack of drainage that fake turf had to be rolled out to make the area useable until new sod could replace the destroyed lawns.

Twitter users saw the garden issues reflective of other problems with the Trumps.

Trump campaign Press secretary Judd Deere told CNN that:

"The sod is being replaced at no cost to taxpayers."

Although no documentation has been released to show the total cost of the second garden overhaul or that tax payers are not paying the bill to drain the swamp Melania Trump created.

We won't hold our breath.