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'Mayhem At Lake George' Event In Florida Is True To Its Name As Brawl Breaks Out In Wild Video

'Mayhem At Lake George' Event In Florida Is True To Its Name As Brawl Breaks Out In Wild Video
Volusia Sheriff's Office/Facebook

Florida has, once again, Florida'd the Flori-duh.

A massive fight broke out at the 'Mayhem at Lake George' event—proving itself to be the most perfectly named event ever.

Ideally, the event is supposed to be a demonstration of Florida awesomeness. Year-round boat parties in warm, shallow, safe water are undeniably dope.

"Ideally" is one of those words that you hear at the beginning of a story and you just know that whatever happens after "ideally" will absolutely NOT the ideal.

This is no different.

That ideal of an awesome boat party gave way to the reality of ... well ... mayhem. The event turned into an all out aquabrawl that resulted in multiple arrests, a few dozen boating violations, and at least one person who needed to be taken by boat back to land so he could be airlifted to the hospital.

Some of that brawl was caught on video by a Sheriff's chopper.

The clip starts as high aerial footage circling the lake, filled with boats, people, and floating platforms. The camera shifts once or twice before settling on the stage where the show is very already in progress; someone gets flipped over another person and thrown into the water.

That happens about 16 seconds into the nearly-three-minute video.

The pandemonium just keeps going from there.

According to Volusia County Sherrif, Mike Chitwood, the pandemonium and unique location meant it took longer than usual to get medical help to one seriously injured man. He had to be transported by boat back to the shore, and then the chopper had to figure out how to land in a sea of people-punching-people.

He explained:

“It took a while to get the medical attention to him. It took a while to get him to a landing zone where air one had to improvise to land which was a feat in itself. They landed on basically a postage stamp.”

Social media had so much to say about this - because obviously.

No updates currently available for the man who was hospitalized after the brawl.