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Maryland Woman Casually Watches After Setting Her House On Fire With Someone Inside In Wild Video

Maryland Woman Casually Watches After Setting Her House On Fire With Someone Inside In Wild Video
Whippin In Da Kitchin/Snapchat via @davenewworld_2/Twitter

A new viral video showed a Maryland woman deliberately set fire to her house with someone still inside, sit down in a lawn chair in the front yard and calmly watch the whole thing go up in flames over the course of several minutes.

The woman, 47-year-old Gail J. Metwally, was charged with attempted murder and a handful of other charges relating to arson and endangerment, according to First State Update.

The video was first uploaded to Snapchat by user Whippin In Da Kitchin before being re-shared to Twitter. As the clip began, the guy behind the camera filmed as a small fire could be seen raging inside the house just beyond the front door.

You can see the video here:

He provided some lively narration.

"She just lit the f'king trashcan on fire and dumped it in the f'king living room."
"I cannot actually believe my eyes."

He then panned the camera over to the front yard to show Metwally relaxing in a lawn chair looking at the burning house.

"I cannot actually believe it. And she's sitting there, just chillin', watching the house go up in flames. Oh my God."

The frame then cut to the scene a few moments later, when smoke billowed from every corner of the house.

By that point, Metwally had left the scene.

"Oh my God. This has now turned into a serious, serious thing."

The guy filming then appeared to realize someone was still in the house.

His tone immediately changed from fascinated to alarmed. He repeatedly screamed, "Get out of the house!" as he ran toward the building to help a woman out through a first-floor window.

As the video came to a close, sirens wailed and firefighters began to run toward the house to begin their work.

First State Update went on to report local sheriff's deputies found Metwally walking in the area when they responded to the scene. Metwally was detained and brought to the Maryland State Police North East Barrack.

She was charged with 1st and 2nd Degree Attempted Murder, 1st Degree Arson, 1st Degree Assault, two counts of Malicious Burning 1st Degree, two counts of Malicious Destruction of Property and two counts of Reckless Endangerment.

People who saw the clip were stunned by the woman's behavior.

Several people who saw the video were more focused on the guy filming, as well as his friend standing nearby.

They wanted to know why they made a video instead of calling for help.

But some people pushed back on those criticisms.

Thankfully, despite Metwally's efforts, nobody was injured in the fire.