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Mark Ruffalo Offers Up 'Silver Lining' After Chris Evans Accidentally Leaks His Own Explicit Photo

Steve Granitz/Getty Images; Jerrod Harris/Getty Images

Social media can be a dangerous place when you're a world-famous celebrity.

Chris Evans, who plays Captain American in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, found this out the hard way when, in an Instagram story, he accidentally shared a very NSFW picture.

It was unclear whether the image, which appeared to show a man's genitals, belonged to Evans or to someone else, but it was included in a quick screen-share of his camera roll.

The camera roll also happened to include a picture of Evans himself with the caption:

"Guard that p*ssy."

Though Evans removed the image in a matter of minutes, many social media users had already taken screenshots and had begun sharing them all around the internet.

Chris Evans was all Twitter could talk about.

Fortunately, Evans's co-star Mark Ruffalo took to social media to offer his friend a silver lining.

In fact, many on social media responded to the actor's accident by making sure he knew they had his back.

Evans himself even responded to the controversy on Twitter by following Ruffalo's example and urging his many followers to vote.

Who knows? This incident might end up doing some real good!

Chris Evans remains one of Twitter's favorite celebrities.

We all deserve friends like Mark Ruffalo who, in our worst moments, show us the bright side of things!