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Man Narrowly Misses Getting Crushed By Collapsing Building As He's Walking Down The Street

There's nothing quite like an unexpected brush with death to remind you of how precious life can be. In east London, CCTV footage which shows a man narrowly avoiding a giant pile of falling bricks has gone viral, reminding everyone of how fate and chance are often the only things separating us from the great beyond.

The footage was shared by local football team Hackney Wick FC, who were fundraising across the street when the bricks fell.

According to the BBC, the debris was caused by a building collapsing due to windy conditions.

The London Fire Brigade commented that no injuries were reported.

Twitter users were understandably worried after watching the stranger's close call.

The man in the video must have been rubbing his rabbit's foot earlier that day.

Social media users made jokes to hide their fear.

But those who were most honest with themselves admitted they were scared...

It's unbelievable that, at any moment, a pile of bricks could hit you like a pile of bricks.

Sometimes, it's just about being lucky.

I think we all learned a very important lesson today: