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A Man Just Charted His Experience on Tinder in One Interesting & Depressing Graph

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Here's a hot take: online dating is hard. The popular dating app Tinder is a perfect example: few of the people you swipe right on become matches, few of your matches turn into quality conversations, few of the conversations turn into dates, and very few of the dates turn into relationships. While most people accept this as common knowledge, one man took things a step further. Reddit user keongmanja created a Tinder profile and kept notes on his interactions for 28 days. After compiling the data, he turned it into an interesting chart and posted online.

The results were fascinating...


It's easy to see how tricky the Tinder scene can be.

Of the 53 matches keongmanja made in his 28 days, only 4 led to actual dates. The strangest disappointments were the 12 who ghosted him even after matching (ghosting is when a person disappears or doesn't respond with no explanation as to why). 10 seemed to have non-personal concerns over meeting (i.e. location issues or being too scared), but, surprisingly, the greatest barrier to actual dates, according to this graph at least, seems to be finding a time to make it happen. 19 out of 53 matches ended up falling through because they "didn't know when they would be free."

That leaves 9 healthy prospects!

Of the 9 matches who attempted to set up a date, 2 cancelled, and 3 stood keongmanja up. Those last 4 ended up meeting him for real dates, which, all things considered, is a pretty good number for a month. If only it hadn't taken so much work to get there!

Keongmanja also posted some background info on his data:

-My area is a Metropolitan city (UPG) in Indonesia where Tinder is not really popular at all.

-The first 30 match happened in 3 days.

-I'm a straight male at mid 20 with postgraduate degree.

-The caned first message isn't tailored at all (ball rolled opening) since 80% of woman's profile don't put any description on their online profile.

-After 3-4 message, I immediately asked for WhatsApp number to filter out the one who had interest level below 5.

-Ghosted means that at one point my conversational partner simply stopped responding without any indication or explanation.

Although 4 dates out of 53 matches may seem discouraging, some Tinder users still gave us hope!

By all indications, it could have been much worse...

So, if you're having a hard time on Tinder lately, don't let it get you down! It's tricky for everyone, but if you keep at it there might just be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

H/T - Mashable, Reddit

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