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Male 'Karen' Tries To Report City Worker To Police For Getting His Car Wet During Bonkers Tantrum

Male 'Karen' Tries To Report City Worker To Police For Getting His Car Wet During Bonkers Tantrum

The term Karen usually brings to mind an entitled middle-aged White woman who is overreacting to some minor (sometimes totally nonexistent) slight or inconvenience. The jury is still out on what male Karens are called, but it would be really nice if we could come up with an official name because wooooow do we need it right now.

We need it because people need to know what to call the man at the center of the latest "acting out for no reason" video to go viral. The behavior on display is peak Karening, but this time we get a few little plot twits. The role of Karen is played by a man, and the video isn't necessarily OF the Karen.

It was shot by the Karen, who apparently had no idea they were the one being ridiculous.

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The video opens centered on a city employee who is trying to clean off sidewalks. The man behind the camera moves towards him and the employee attempts to redirect him to a safer area. It's obvious that the employee, who is focused on his work, does not initially realize the man with the phone has an issue with him.

The man recording complains about the employee wetting his car, but has to repeat himself a few times before the employee understands. At first, the employee thought the man was asking him to spray down/clean off his car - he is even kind and quick to accommodate that request even though it's not his job. It takes a moment before the employee realizes that the man is complaining about getting his car wet.

We decided to screenshot a key transition here. Body language says so much, fam.

"I don't know what this man wants, but I'm more than happy to help."


"Oh, he's on his Karen vibe and is totally serious about this."


When the employee, who is in a bright orange vest and working in a clearly visible area, gives the man a moment to explain, the man tells him exactly what he is upset about. The man had been driving away when water the employee was using splashed his car.

That's it. That's the whole complaint.

To address that complaint, the man stopped his car, parked illegally, blocked traffic, took out his phone to record, approached the employee to chastise them, prevented them from doing their job for several minutes, threatened to report them to their employer, and eventually went to find a police officer to report them. For splashing their car.

Watch for yourself.

Downtown LA Sidewalk cleaner sprays my car wants to fight then flags down

The employee must have asked no less than two dozen times "What do you want me to do?" but the man never offered any course of action that would have satisfied him. He does, at one point, tell the employee to "be more courteous" - but that's not really an actionable suggestion. Also, it's ironic coming from someone who is blocking traffic, blocking pedestrians, and preventing someone from doing their job over an accidental splash of water.

Not satisfied with the employee's lack of proper groveling, the man stomped off to a police officer who has been parked just down the street this whole time.

This is his exact, word for word, complaint to the officer as caught on his own video.

"I just ate some tacos. I'm going to pull out, and this guy sprays my car down!"

We don't know if the officer gave him a look, or if he suddenly realized how ridiculous he was being once he said it out loud to the police, or what - but the man abruptly stops recording there. Sadly, we do not have a followup or conclusion on the video since the city employee has not spoken out and the original Reddit source never mentioned what happened afterwards.

What we do have is a whole bunch of people having a blast with how childish and asinine the whole thing is.

"I wonder if he is gonna get out and argue with the rain next time he gets a car wash.
"Guy: I was just pulling out and you got my car wet"
"Rain: what do you want me to do?"
"Guy: I want you to not get my car wet"
"Rain: I already did so what do you want me to do?"
"Guy: not get my car wet"
"Guy: Police, I was just getting tacos and it rained."
"Police: so what do you want me to do?" - cablequotes

"It's water get over it. Also like the worker said, what do you want him to do? What's done is done, some people just want to complain" - questforanswerz

"I have asked this so many times. How in God earth do these kinds of people seem to have all the time in the world. It's like let me start something cause I got nothing better to do. Gosh don't they have a life? It's a bit of water just drive off. Nope let me stand here and argue with these people for the rest of the night." - Rosegarden24

"People so badly want to film an "injustice". Wet car?" - yo_mama_5000

"Vest guy has the patience of a Saint.
"What do you want me to do?"
"I just told you."
UGH." - CanadianCarlin

"If I was vest guy, I'd have sprayed dude filming after about 30 seconds. Worker deserves a raise and some extra paid vacation." - Zoso479

"He can spray his whole car if he wanted and the cops won't do anything, water is not damage. It's a dick move if someone did that but it's not against the law. You have to show damage if not they'll tell you to get on with your day." - armanp84

"And then the video cuts there... I just imagine the blank stare the cop gave the driver" - foxontherox888

There you have it. We need a name for male Karens because we need something to call this person. We've seen Kyle, Dave, Ken and Chad all suggested, but nothing is really clicking the way Karen did.

What are your suggestions?