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Livestreamer Gets Whacked In The Head By Black Security Guard After Using Racial Slur In Front Of Her


A White livestreamer—named LouIz for platform IP2 Always Win—filmed himself going up to a Black woman and used a racial slur to ask her a question.

Loulz said:

"Excuse me, ma'm. Do you know where the [n-words] play?"

The woman, clearly taken aback, tried to get him to repeat the phrase, which he did while omitting the word. But then he started repeating the word as he ran away.

The video was posted on the site under the heading White Boy Summer with the caption:


WARNING: the following video contains racist language and violence.

The internet's only feedback?

Hit him harder next time.

LouIz then could be heard threatening to call police after the woman hit him.

IP2Always posted the video with an alternate spin, claiming LouIz was "brutally attacked" without context.

LouIz has posted a collection of far-right rhetoric on his personal social media.

But his antics didn't fool the greater audience his video was attempting to reach.

If nothing else, LouIz has proven the immortal truth of the principle of "f'k around and find out."

He sure found out.

And judging by he and his platform's response, he will try to find out again.