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Account Pretending To Be Linsdey Graham's 'Conscience' Brilliantly Trolls His Constant Hypocrisy

Since Donald Trump was elected President of the U.S., Lindsey Graham's opinion of him has changed quite dramatically. After having previously saying Trump would be the death of the Republican Party, he would go on to become one of Trump's most ardent supporters.

It's not hard to see why—any Republican Congressperson who speaks out against Trump is disowned by the party and inevitably swept out of Congress in the next primary. The extreme degree of Graham's devotion, however, has made his hypocrisy truly stunning to anyone paying attention.

One Twitter account has even devoted itself entirely to Graham's heel-turn. Called "Lindsey Graham's (fake) Conscience," the Twitter account says what Graham must be saying to himself inside as he supports Trump.

It's incredible to see what Lindsay Graham has become compared to what he used to be.

Ironically, Graham was right about most things...before turning over a different leaf.

Lindsey's conscience is most likely screaming out on a daily basis.

Twitter couldn't help but agree with Lindsey's conscience on almost all counts.

Graham's flip-flops aren't hard to find if you look for even a moment.

Try listening to your conscience next time, Congressman Graham. After all, it's only our country at stake.