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Lil Nas X And Tony Hawk Just Epically Teamed Up To Show There's No Bad Blood Between Them

Lil Nas X And Tony Hawk Just Epically Teamed Up To Show There's No Bad Blood Between Them

Last week, Lil Nas X once again sparked controversy by pointing out a double standard that seemed to be at play surrounding skateboarding legend Tony Hawk's release of a skateboard infused with his literal, actual blood.

Hawk's release inspired barely a word of dissent, but Lil Nas X's similarly blood-infused shoe release back in March led to him being called "Satanic," among other things.

Naturally, this being the internet, an argument quickly ensued among the two men's fandoms--especially after Lil Nas X threw a bit of shade at Hawk by commenting "Nah he tweakin'" in the comments of one of Hawk's Instagram posts, sparking a new meme in the process.

But whatever bad blood may have existed between the two legends has apparently evaporated entirely. To prove it, the two got together for a bit of extremely impressive skateboarding (well, sort of) and the clips and videos they've posted of their meet-up have fans cheering.

After the controversy first erupted, Hawk magnanimously told reporters at a skateboarding event in Salt Lake City that he understood and respected Lil Nas X's perspective.

But that politeness has since turned into a full-fledged friendship. Both men have since repurposed Lil Nas X's "nah he tweakin" comment in the most genial ways possible in subsequent social media posts.

On Instagram, Lil Nas X switched-up his catchphrase to "nah WE tweakin" in a caption of a photo of he and Hawk. And on TikTok, Hawk posted a clip of Lil Nas X skating with the caption "Nas we tweakin!" Aww, we love these guys!

But far more impressive was the joking "skateboarding skills" Lil Nas X showed off in Hawk's TikTok post by editing Hawk into his place just in time to do the actual skateboarding.

You can see the video here:


Nas we tweakin! @lilnasx

Oh social media, people loved the joke and were all about these two guys' budding friendship.




Here's wishing these two a longstanding friendship.