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Celebrity Doctor Caught On Video Threatening To Murder His Gay Neighbors In Homophobic Rant

Charley Gallay/WireImage via Getty Images

A Beverly Hills dermatologist, well-known for his long list of celebrity clients, was recently caught on video launching into a homophobic tirade in the lobby of his condominium complex.

According to the condo complex's security footage, obtained by TMZ, Dr. Alex Khadavi repeatedly invoked anti-gay slurs while he threatened to kill his neighbors, who are gay.

Though the video's audio content is muffled, Khadavi could be heard calling his neighbors "fu**ing fa**ots" several times and threatening to "blow their fu**ing heads off" and "shoot [them] in the fu**ing face."

Although it's unclear exactly what set Khadavi off, court documents obtained by TMZ showed that his behavior was enough to push the gay couple to file a restraining order against him.

Those same legal documents included the condominium concierge claimed that Khadavi had shown him a handgun while walking his dogs just a couple months before this incident.

Khadavi's agressive tirade, along with his possession of a handgun, has the gay couple seriously concerned about their safety.

Not surprisingly, when news of Khadavi's explosion reached Twitter, people were appalled.

According to TMZ, this was not Khadavi's first brush with hate-speech.

In 2016, Million Dollar Listing host Matt Altman filed for a restraining order against Khadavi after he repeatedly made antisemitic and homophobic remarks as well as death threats both by phone and in person.

With Khadavi's latest tirade, an apparent pattern has now emerged.