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Kentucky Bar Owner Says 'F-ck You' To Mask Mandate Because Americans 'Want To Have Fun' In Viral Video

Kentucky Bar Owner Says 'F-ck You' To Mask Mandate Because Americans 'Want To Have Fun' In Viral Video
Screenshot from Facebook Live/Patrick Townsend via @KySportsRadio/Twitter

A bar in northern Kentucky has come under fire for posting a video profanely refusing to follow the closing orders of Governor Andy Beshear.

In the Facebook Live video, Patrick Townsend, owner of the Town's End Bar and Grill in Florence, Kentucky, aims the camera at himself and says:

"What we're saying right now is, f*ck you, we're not wearing any masks. We are Americans — we're going to do what we want and we want to have fun."

The bar is located in Boone County, where the number of virus infections has been accelerating, as it has been in many other places around the country.

Though Democratic Governor Andy Beshear has ordered masks be worn in public spaces, Townsend was not sorry about his actions, saying:

"It is a basic intrusion of our civil liberties. Before he has complained about President Trump trying to control what the states do. Well, he's doing the same thing with all the county commissions and mayors. Let them do their job."

Townsend did also apologize for his "abrasive" language and claimed tables at the restaurant were being placed six feet apart with hand sanitizing stations.

He also said staff were being required to wear face masks. In the video Townsend shared, however, it didn't seem like the customers were taking social distancing very seriously.

Many online called for Townsend's bar to face consequences.

The bar's name is especially ironic considering the danger it's putting its community in.

Jamie Baynum, who lives near the bar, told RawStoryshe was concerned Townsend's actions could ultimately just delay the reopening he was hoping for.

"We all have to do what we can. We have to give something up. We have to not be selfish and just do what we can to stop the spread. This is a pandemic and it's not even close to being over."

Safety should be the first priority of all businesses, no matter how badly people would like to return to normalcy.

At the end of the day, Twitter was pretty sure they wanted to stay away from the Town's End Bar and Grill.

Health officials recommend you do the same.