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Democratic Congresswoman Becomes Instant Legend For Showing Up On Impeachment Vote Day Dressed As Batgirl

In honor of Halloween, Congresswoman Katie Porter (D) of southern California wore a batgirl costume to work on Thursday, October 31.

She wore the costume, which included a mask, boots and cape, for most of the morning, though she changed into more formal clothing for a vote in the Financial Services Committee.

Republicans were quick to pounce on Porter, shaming her for wearing a costume.

On Halloween.

Pretty much everyone online was quick to tell Republicans to calm down for a second.

It was Halloween, after all.

Many people loved Porter even more for not taking herself too seriously on Halloween.

A woman can do serious work even if she's dressed as Batgirl.

Now, Porter looks like the hero she already was.

Many were also quick to point out Porter took off most of her costume for an important vote in committee.

The entire incident reminded Twitter users of these classic pictures from Halloween fans.

Republicans should just be thankful Porter didn't go farther.

Fear not, America!

Katie Porter is the night, and she's here to defend justice with the closed fist of progressive legislation!

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