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'Karen' Unloads On Young 'Punks' Who 'Go On Grindr And Do Hookups' After She's Caught Illegally Parking

'Karen' Unloads On Young 'Punks' Who 'Go On Grindr And Do Hookups' After She's Caught Illegally Parking

Freaking out about something unrelated when you get busted doing something you're not supposed to be doing is a common tactic young children use to try and get themselves out of trouble. Young children and Karens, apparently.

Today's Karen in question parked her Hyundai Elantra illegally in a spot reserved for electric vehicles. The spot is clearly marked, in a row of such spots, has a charging station and the parking lot is patrolled by security.

We don't know the exact details of what happens in the moments leading up to the video, but the basics are as follows: Karen parks illegally, Karen has that pointed out to her, Karen doesn't like that and freaks out about young people and Grindr hookups.

The video goes for almost two minutes, during which Karen repeatedly laments and complains about "young people who think they're all that" and feel like they can tell her what to do. Check out her reaction when security sides with the "young people" and points out that she is the only one breaking rules.

It speaks volumes about who really feels like they can tell people what to do.

Now, for those of you who are not able to watch the video (or just plain don't have it in you to listen to another screeching Karen) allow me to give you a brief rundown.

The video opens with Karen telling the person shooting the video "oh please take this" while spanking her own bottom. She then gives a disgusted ugh and gets back into her car.

At this point, she could have driven off to find a new parking spot and the encounter would have been over. Instead, she grabs her phone and brings it back out, marching towards the person shooting the video as she shoots video of her own.

As she exits her illegally parked vehicle and scoffs at multiple security officers trying to talk to her, she says:

"I'm tired of these punks thinking they own the world and can do what they want"

They ask her why she parked there knowing her car is not an electric vehicle.

She responds:

"Why I'm parking here is because I'm in the shade."

She is not in the shade.


She then tells the security officers she is waiting for someone who was in an accident and is at the eye doctor. Also she personally may have COVID (note the lack of mask combined with her penchant for coming mere inches from security officers' faces—if she is infected then she seems perfectly OK spreading it) and that she has a relative dying of Alzheimers and she cannot handle stress.

She then decrees that either security can move where they are parked so she can have that spot or she is just not moving. Security—who seems determined to de-escalate this Karen—agrees to move their vehicle so she can have the spot she demands.

Rather than thanking them or moving her vehicle, she brushes the security officers off saying:

"Okay. I have to do my video. You're disgusting and I'm so sick of these young people who think that they're all that."

Karen then goes back to the person recording, pointing her phone at them to record her own video... and that's when she turns her performance up a few levels. Oddly, her main points of contention seem to have nothing to do with what is actually going on in the moment.

She starts mocking young people, striking her best "young people who think that they're all that" pose and snarls:

"Here you go, sweetheart, let's test you."
"My goodness, nothing better to do with your time, because this is what your generation does.You go on Grindr and do hookups!"
"You show every part of your body, and you have no self-respect. Oh my goodness, none whatsoever!"

Karen's rant is met with chuckles from those around her—which didn't seem to go over well.

And before you ask, no you did not miss a paragraph where someone hooking up in a car nearby is what caused her to park illegally or anything. There is no connection.

Grindr and hookup culture got brought up out of nowhere. These people are in an open parking lot, fully clothed and hookups have literally no relevance to the conversation—but go off Karen.

Security again intervenes, but Karen once again shows no respect for the rules or authority.

In fact, she tells the security officers to mind their own business.

"No, no. Mind your own business."
"HE comes and tells me what I can do? He's not my boss."

Security points out he is right.

She knew she could not park there because there are tons of signs, charging stations, etc. She shrugs it off and with an "Oh well. I can't see." Considering she just told us she was waiting for someone at the eye doctor, we can't help but wonder if maybe she should have gone in for a visit too?

Security points out the signs at literally every parking space. She scoffs and in a smug sing-songy voice tells him they need to make the signs "bigger, Biiiiggeeeer."

Here are the signs and charging stations she "can't see."


Before leaving to take the spot she demanded security officers give up, she turns to the person recording and warns them:

"If yours goes up, mine goes up and it'll have a lot to say."

Well, the video went up and Twitter certainly had a lot to say.

We sincerely hope Karen is true to her word and releases the video she shot.

We don't expect that it's going to exonerate her in the court of public opinion or anything, but we're endlessly curious to know what the person behind the camera in our video was wearing.