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Piano Tuner Uses His Inheritance To Buy 11-Year-Old Autistic 'Mozart-Level' Prodigy A Grand Piano

11-year-old Jude Kofie of Colorado stunned his family after he found an old keyboard in the basement and began playing.

Bill Magnusson; Jude Kofie
CBS Evening News with Nora O'Donnell/CBS News

The story of 11-year-old Jude Kofie and his unexpected gift(s) has taken the internet by storm.

Kofie, who is autistic, surprised his family last year when he began playing an old keyboard that was in the family's basement.

His father, Isaiah could not believe his ears. No one had taught Jude how to play—he'd never taken even one lesson.

Isaiah got Jude a larger keyboard for him to explore his passion and obvious talent.

Then one day, a grand piano unexpectedly turned up at their house.

Isaiah asked CBS News' Steve Hartman:

"All for free - who does that?"

The answer is Bill Magnusson, a piano tuner.

Magnusson saw a local news story on Jude and heard the prodigy play. Magnusson learned through the story Jude's family immigrated from Ghana, were raising a family and were still managing to send money back home to Ghana.

At the time, Magnusson said he thought:

"What resources are left over to help this special little soul?"

And with that, Magnusson used his father's inheritance to purchase the $15,000 piano which is valued at about $45,000. He also promised to tune the piano once a month as well as pay for Jude to get professional lessons.

You can watch the segment below.

Viewers of the story were both in awe of Jude's amazing talent - which Magnusson refers to as "Mozart-level" - and in tears from Magnusson's generous act of pure kindness.

Of his incredible talents, Jude said it's a miracle.

CBS News asked:

"You think it's a miracle?"

Jude responded:

"That's what I prefer."

Magnusson revealed they are all "family now."

Father Isaiah echoed the statement and shared his gratitude:

"Somebody to just love you son like that by making sure that his future is secured, we are super thankful."

Before you move on with your day, take a couple of minutes to witness Jude's unparalleled gift.