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John Oliver Smacks Down 'Genuinely Insulting' Myth That Trump Was Somehow 'Good For Comedy'

John Oliver Smacks Down 'Genuinely Insulting' Myth That Trump Was Somehow 'Good For Comedy'
Mike Coppola/Getty Images; Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In the years following the 2016 election, Donald Trump seized media attention on nearly every level. From multiple controversies, to alternative facts and a historic double impeachment, the former President generated plenty of news.

Hosts like John Oliver of HBO's Last Week Tonight were rarely able to escape mention of Trump during episodes of late night comedy shows. With ample fodder for the media some have alleged Trump was good for comedy.

Oliver said, "think again."

Oliver said to TheWashington Post:

"It's a complete myth and it's kind of genuinely insulting."

Continuing, he elaboratedon his feelings.

"Wow, how little do you think of me? Because partly it comes from, 'Oh, it must've written itself'."
"Really? You f'king think that?"
"You try injecting poison into your body every week and get a joke out the other side that Twitter hasn't already come up with."
"The happiest I was at the end of last year was we finished our final show and started working on our new list of shows. And it was great to be able to think about wonky stories."

Oliver also pointed out the end of Trump's presidency was not an end to the systemic issues the country faced.

Oliver said:

"The long gestating problems this virus has shone a spotlight on that have been ignored for a long time."
"Human history has shown we're pretty adept at choosing to forget about them again as soon as it's convenient."
"So I think the virus will be an interesting hook into some interesting stories this year."

Twitter users echoed these thoughts.

Oliver returned in his new season of Last Week Tonight this past Sunday.