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Richard Nixon's Watergate Counsel Thinks It's 'Only A Matter Of Days' Before Trump Is Indicted

Richard Nixon's Watergate Counsel Thinks It's 'Only A Matter Of Days' Before Trump Is Indicted
Mark Wilson/Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

After Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former lawyer who publicly turned against the ex-President in 2018, reportedly recently met with Manhattan district attornies for the seventh time, speculation about the potential civilian legal troubles facing Trump was at an all-time high.)

One individual who offered their analysis was John Dean, a former White House counsel to President Nixon.

In the '70s, he was known as the "master manipulator" of the Watergate scandal.

Now, he believes Donald Trump will face criminal charges within a matter of days.

Dean elaborated on this point during an appearance on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Asked by Cooper whether the prosecutors were "just fishing" for information from Cohen, Dean responded:

"Well, not likely at this stage. What they're doing can be a couple of things. One is the prosecutors are trying to get familiar with the witness."
"More likely in this instance, because of the treasure trove of information they obtained evidence from a subpoena, is to get guidance and insight into what some of those documents mean, give them more people who might know about various affairs that are revealed by the documents."
"An insider, as I once was, can give insights that prosecutors can't otherwise get. And that's why you don't -- you're not going to do this to find exculpatory evidence at this point. They are narrowing the case to see what they will bring against the president and possibly his family."

Dean also pointed out Trump might face legal troubles related to his attempts to influence the results of the 2020 election with Georgia officials.

"It's a little reminiscent of Nixon leaning on people, in my memory bank, where he knows how far to go but not too far particularly when he's on the phone and he knows he's being recorded on some of those conversations."
"So, Trump doesn't know he's being recorded in this instance. And one of the telling things, Anderson, to me is the fact that these people were recording these calls."
"As I recall, it was in November, late November that Lindsey Graham denied that he'd had the conversations he'd had with the secretary of state in Georgia who had, in essence, said he called and told them to throw out ballots. And Graham denied that. After that, they started recording the calls. We don't know how many calls."

Regardless, Dean suspects prosecutors have found something of interest in the tax documents they obtained from the Trump organization last month.

These papers were referred to by Cohen as the "holy grail."

Dean commented:

"There may be other calls that were recorded and what they're looking for is part of the RICO case they're developing now that the Fulton County prosecutor has hired the best expert in the state who helped her with a prior RICO case."
"RICO cases are very serious, Anderson. These are stack-on lots of penalties. So, I think that's the case they're building. These phone calls that they have multiple records of now, are going to be dynamite."

Twitter crossed their fingers in hopes Dean was correct.

After then-President Trump was twice acquitted by the Senate for actions Republicans freely admitted to, many hope that justice will finally be served.

Donald Trump is currently back in New York, where many of the investigations into his finances are taking place.

It may not be long before these investigations come to a close, one way or another.