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John Cena Was Spotted Wearing A Plaid Miniskirt And Heels—And Fans Are Officially Obsessed

The 'Peacemaker' star was photographed wearing the outfit while shooting his new film 'Ricky Stanicky' in Australia.

John Cena
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

When you hear the name John Cena, many things might come to mind: wrestler and actor among them.

One thing that probably doesn't come immediately to mind is how great he would look in a miniskirt.

But he does.

Cena was captured on the set of his upcoming movie Ricky Stanicky in Melbourne, Australia rocking a plaid miniskirt and heels.

The film is a comedy about three longtime friends who hire a washed-up actor to pose as an imaginary friend they've been blaming their bad behavior on for years.

In the set photos, Cena is seen wearing a short plaid miniskirt paired with knee-high socks and high heels.

You can see the photos here:

As expected, the comments on social media were amazing.

Most people were very supportive.

A few others were less thrilled.

But the vast majority thought Cena looked great and can't wait to see Ricky Stanicky when it comes out.